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Beautiful Timber Windows

Crafted By Hand

Timber Windows

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

From the timber right down to the fixtures and furnishings you choose, every component has been painstakingly sourced and selected to ensure the finished product not only looks beautiful, but is also second to none in terms of quality, strength and durability.

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We can create a range of styles to suit your needs

  • High Performance Casement
  • High Performance Stormproof
  • Sliding Box Sash
  • Traditional Flush Casement
  • Tilt and Turn
  • Cottage Style
  • Traditional & Mock Georgian Bars
  • Horizontal Bar / Vertical Bar

High Performance Flush Casements

Our high performance flush casements offer a modern approach to the traditional style of window commonly found throughout Great Britain.

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High Performance Stormproof Casements

Our high performance stormproof windows replicate the style of one of Britain’s most common designs of casement windows.

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Sliding Box Sashes

Our vertical sliding box sashes have been designed to replicate the simplicity and elegance of the original sash window, dating as far back as the 17th Century.

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Traditional Flush Casements

Our traditional flush casements offer the simple look that suits period properties, whilst still having modern technology cleverly hidden away.

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Tilt & Turn Windows

Flush design of window, with a stormproof style section profile, providing better weatherproofing like the standard stormproof window.

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About our Timber Windows

All of our timber windows are hand-crafted on site at our joinery workshop in Longrock, Penzance. Each and every item is made individually to order from only specially-selected timbers that match the exact needs of the customer - we believe in creating and delivering a truly bespoke product, rather than something with an 'off the shelf' feel.

When sourcing the timber that we use for each window produced at TimberPlus, we deal strictly with suppliers that promote sustainability by using only companies that offer FSC or PEFC certified products. All of the timber that we work with is completely solid, and we do not use timber that has engineered or veneered components.

Our windows are predominantly crafted in sapele hardwood, which has an excellent durability for external joinery use thanks to its fine-knit grain; and joinery grade European redwood, which has fewer knots than some lesser grades of softwood. If you’d like to find out more about the types of timber that we usually work with, you can do so here.

Our high performance timber windows have undergone and passed rigorous testing in accordance with air and water permeability requirements, whereas our traditional flush casements and box sash windows outperform many past designs due to the hardware and weather seal used.

The range of ironmongery that we use as standard at TimberPlus offers a very high level of security across all of the timber windows that we manufacture, and we are able to offer additional security features should you require them.

All of the windows that we create at TimberPlus are supplied in the raw timber state as standard, whether they’re in hardwood or softwood – this is how confident we are in the quality of finish of each and every joinery item that we produce. Our experts are on hand to offer a wide range of finishes for your timber windows, from a simple prime to a full factory spray and factory glazing in a colour of your choice – this means that the only thing you need to do is fix your beautiful timber window in place.