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Solid Timber Doors

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Bifold Doors

Bifold doors offer you the opportunity to blend your living spaces – outdoor and indoor become one with elegance and ease. Their design means that they don’t demand extensive opening space and this gives a greater sense of openness and freedom to your house without compromising on precious space.

By only using the highest quality timber and gearing mechanism means that you are going to enjoy our bifold doors for many years. The gearing system in our bifold doors come from the world renowned Centor, with their smooth glide track and quick release mechanism on the slave doors you really can open our doors fully back with just your finger.

Each leaf of the door is manufactured in solid prime timber, meaning that you are getting the ultimate timber bifolding door. TimberPlus handcraft and finish each door meticulously, and you can choose whatever colour you want, so they can either blend into your garden or stand out as a statement.

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Finish

These handcrafted doors are fully fitted with doors being hung in the frame in our factory prior to delivery, although the option of them being sent disassembled if required for ease of transport or maneuverability on site is possible. They are made from the highest quality sustainable timbers. We only purchase timber from suppliers who offer FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified products. We also insist on using completely solid timber (not engineered or veneered components). Whilst we are able to offer any timber legally available in this country, we predominantly use Sapele hardwood, with its fine-knit grain giving good durability for external joinery use; and joinery grade European redwood, which has fewer knots than some lesser grades of softwood.

The innovative bifolding door system we use is top hung with rollers in the bottom track as well to provide a smooth opening with very little effort. Fitted with a double seal, these doors are fully weatherproofed against the elements, although TimberPlus still only recommends outward opening bifold doors, as do the majority of the door system manufacturers themselves.

Our bifold doors are fitted with multipoint locks as standard where single doors can open separately (not available in all configurations, please see the section on styles below for more information), whilst also having a combination of both locking and non-locking dropbolts on centre doors. Where multipoint locks are not fitted, such as the 4 door configuration, access is not available from the outside once the dropbolts are closed.

At TimberPlus, we are so confident in the quality of finish of all our joinery items, that we don’t feel the need to ‘cover-up’ our workmanship with a paint or stain finish. We therefore, leave all of our items in the raw timber state as standard, whether they be in hardwood or softwood. That said, we also understand that some of you would prefer to leave the finishing to experts, which is why we are able to offer you a range of finishes from just priming through to full factory spray finish and factory glazing in your choice of colour(s) as an added extra, giving you peace of mind that all you are left to do is fix the doors in place. Please note: if you are upgrading to a full factory finish on your bifold doors, pre-glazing will not be available unless the doors are to be removed from the frame prior to despatch, due to the weight of them when the glass is in place.